History Edit

He believed that Roscuro was pathetic, but adopted him anyway and raised him to believe that only revenge mattered. He later destroyed Deaspearaux' path home but pretended to love the mouse, bringing him to where he wanted to go. However, it was just an act to kill Roscuro or, rather, get the brave mouse to do so. He ordered the young mouse to put a needle through Roscuro's heart, and, as Deaspearaux actually intended to do so, Princess Pea stopped him.

As an act of revenge, Botticelli fought Roscuro, but he was eventually defeated. Roscuro then fed him to a cat. The cat swallowed him, and then puked him out. Roscuro came back to fight his enemy Botticelli.


He is a loving, caring father to his daughter Diana. Although he is the king of the rat dimension, he wishes to move away to the mouse dimension and live a happy life with his daughter.