Despereaux Tilling


Lester, Antoinette, Furlough


Princess Pea, Roscuro, Hovis



The brave, but odd mouse is the main protagonist in the book and movie. Everything about Despereaux is wrong, from his oversized ears, to his tiny size. He doesn't even think like a proper mouse, and that ends up getting him in endless trouble.


He discovered that Roscuro had tricked Miggery Sow and that he intends to keep Princess Pea in the dungeons. So the mouse hero went on a quest to stop the evil plan. He found the place in the dungeons where Roscuro and Miggery Sow were keeping Princess Pea, seconds after Roscuro confessed to tricking Miggery Sow. He held a needle up to Roscuro's heart, but he was stopped by Princess Pea herself, who offered soup to the spoon-wearing rat in exchange for him leading the new prisoners out of the dungeons, which he accepted.

Very soon after, he departed for his next adventure...