Miggery Sow is the servant girl to Princess Pea and the one who helped in the kidnapping.


When Mig was visiting the dungeons, she met Roscuro, who told her a plan that would involve her becoming a princess. She agreed to the plan and did her job late at night, alongside the spoon-wearing rat himself. She pulled out a knife and threatened Princess Pea, who came down to the dungeons with them. She was about to chain the princess up when Roscuro confessed to tricking her. She stated that she wanted to be a princess, and Pea, ignoring Roscuro's constant cruel words, prompted her to yell out her dream. She then refused to chain Pea up and was about to cut Roscuro's head off (with the knife) until Desperaux showed up- and saved the day. During parts of the story Miggery felt idealist but later became grateful for who she is.