Despereaux, Chico, Princess Pea, Miggery Sow


Rats, Botticeli

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Chiaroscuro, Roscuro, or Roscuro the Rat




Desperaux, Princess Pea, Miggery Sow


Pietro (owner), Botticelli (possible adoptive father)


Shared soup with his new friends



Book appearance?


Movie appearance?



Tricked Miggery Sow, locked up Miggery Sow, kidnapped Princess Pea, attempted to murder Princess Pea, gave the queen a heart attack (accidentally)

Heroic accomplishments

Saved Desperaux, brought the evil Botticelli to his doom

Roscuro is a good hearted fat rat friend to Despereaux and also friend to Princess Pea and he lives in a dungeon. He is also angry through out the whole book.


Roscuro Lives in the castle and lives in the dungeon. He wants light. However, he accidentally fell into the queen's soup, plus giving her a heart attack and she died. Angered, Princess Pea flashed him an insulting look. As an act of revenge, Roscuro manipulated Miggery Sow into threatening the princess and taking her to the dungeons. He promised that Miggery and Pea would switch places, but he was lying.t Deasperaeux saved the princess, forcing Pea and Roscuro to exchange apologies. (These events happened in both the movie and the book, but some of them are only in the movie and some are only in the book.)


Roscuro is good hearted, most of the time. In a chapter of the book, he is said to also have good manners. He is shown to be clever, as he tricks Miggery Sow. He turned cruel at one point in the movie because he had his heart broken*, like when he kidnapped the princess and when he crushed Miggery's dreams. He turned good again at the end though. He does not hesitate to save Desperaux from the other rats in the beginning of the movie.

  • When Roscuro tried to apoligize to the Princess, she started screaming and throwing things at him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ruscuro has brown fur, and big ears (not nearly as big as Desperaux' ears, though), a very pointy nose, and whiskers.